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About us

Founded in 1988 and based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Al-Mowaredah Company is an Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC) specialized in Piping & Electro-Mechanical Systems.For more than 25 years, Al Mowaredah has worked diligently to build a strong, vibrant tradition of making connections — from pipe to pipe and people to people.

The company’s enthusiasm for crafting unconventional solutions has allowed it to forge new paths in new markets as it tackles the industry’s most unique challenges.We pride ourselves in providing the finest-quality pipe products and services with integrity and dedication to superior customer service at all levels.

We provide expertise and product solutions for a wide range of applications, from plumbing and mechanical, HVAC, water and wastewater, industrial and fire protection to mining, and oil and gas.Our comprehensive line of products — customizable to your needs — includes:
Pipe, pipe fittings valves and accessories, pumps, generators, equipment and much more.

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  • Founded in 1988 and based in Saudi Arabia, Al-Mowaredah Company is today one of the leading distributor of pipe, pipe fittings, valves and all other products related to the building construction, water, and waste water treatment.
  • To strengthen our position of leadership in global piping industry, Al-Mowaredah and its employees hereby commit:
  • To consistently develop and offer piping systems and services that provide real value to our customers, through Africa and the Middle East.
  • To reach our customer expectation.
  • To train and develop our employees and provide them with an environment that fosters growth and career satisfaction and encourages them to challenge our proc esses.
  • To recognize our responsibilities to our shareholders, to the environment, and to the communities in which we live and work.
  • Today, Al-Mowaredah piping solutions can be found in small to large commercial and industrial HVAC and fire protection applications, in large volumes of wet and dry mediums in industrial piping, oilfield, and mining operations, and at your local municipal waste and waste water treatment plant.



  • Cash Flow,
  • Good company management’
  • Have, communicate and drive our vision/purpose strategy,
  • Financial Planning and review at least monthly,
  • Establish and communicate all goals,
  • Producing a low-cost product,
  • Managing expenses,
  • Hiring qualified and productive people,
  • Developing innovative marketing programs,
  • Maintaining a good stock,
  • Reaching or exceeding customer service expectation,
  • Never lose an existing client and stay reliable,
  • Competitive price,
  • Sales force.